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Hygiene Care

We can come to you!  Mobile hygiene services offer more than just convenience. For those who have physical limitations, transportation issues, or who are residing in community living, retirement home, assisted living, long-term care, or even at their own home, there is no better way to continue to care for your smile without all the hassles of organizing a trip to the dental office.  And from our experience, having dental care come to you in your own home can be a game changer for those with sensory sensitivity. 

Assisted, Community Living and LTC Visits

Balanced Care comes right to our patients no matter where they live.  We are able to provide our services in assisted living and long-term care facilities, either in a community space or right in your own room.  Even if your facility does not have a service contract with us, we are still able to come to you help ensure that your oral health continues to be a priority.  For those holding Power of Attorney, we work with you directly or through the facility (your choice of course) to help ensure that your loved one is getting the care and attention that they deserve.  All fees and services are discussed with you so that there are no surprises at the end of our visit. 


Contact Kelly for more information or to book mobile care in YOUR home.  

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