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  • Do I need to break up with my dentist in order to have treatment with you?
    Absolutely not! As I have always recommended, it is crucial that you have your teeth checked on a 6-12 month basis by your dentist, depending on your unique needs. I am able to refer you to a dentist if you do not currently have one, and I will always communicate to you any suspicious areas of possible decay
  • What if I need further care such as a filling?
    I can easily refer you to whichever dentist or health care provider is required to meet your unique needs.
  • Will my insurance pay for my visit?
    If you have dental coverage already through your group plan insurance, they do provide the same coverage for independent dental hygiene. Additionally I can provide a pre-determination beforehand with your provider to ensure that there are no surprises.
  • During COVID-19 is it safe to have dental services performed?
    Absolutely- Infection prevention and control has always been my highest priority and in light of Covid-19, we have implemented enhanced policies which will keep everybody safe. Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization is performed and documented according to Public Health Standards and pre-screenings as recommended by the Ministry of Health are implemented for both clients and staff alike. You will be asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, have your temperature taken prior to being treated and you will be expected to sanitize your hands before and after treatment, as well as rinse with an antimicrobial mouth wash. You can expect that I will be wearing a full face shield, proper mask and a disposable gown.
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