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Mobile Hygiene Services
More than just a cleaning

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With our mobile dental hygienist, you will receive the same services provided in a traditional dental office, without any time constraints or travel time.  A thorough assessment which includes checking for signs of cavities and an oral cancer screening is always performed. You will be referred to a dentist when necessary or asked to have any problem areas diagnosed by your family dentist at your next check up. As a licensed healthcare provider, I will always collaborate with and refer to any provider who's services I feel you could benefit from; a dietician, nutritionist, naturopath etc.

Comprehensive Assessment

Includes oral cancer screening of the head and neck as well as cavity risk assessment at every visit


Removal of harmful, inflammation-causing bacteria (plaque and tartar) performed by hand or with a power scaler, depending on your comfort level

Stain Removal (polishing)

Stain removal (polishing) will be performed as needed

Cavity Management Program

Not only are cavities are 100% preventable, but children and seniors are at are at greater for cavities for a number of reasons.  We offer many chair-side and home-care products which prevent and stop the development of small cavities.  We can apply fluoride and chlorhexidine varnishes which can benefit those with exposed roots and sensitivity.  For those who wish to avoid fluoride products, we  recommend fluoride-free products with the right combination of ingredients to achieve the best results for your needs

Cavity Prevention: Pit and Fissure Sealants

Sealants can be applied based on cavity risk.  A non-toxic, flowable material can be applied to any teeth with deep, difficult to clean grooves.  The newly smooth surface will prevent harmful food and cavity causing bacteria from remaining in these areas

Desensitizing Treatments

A chairside application of a desensitizing agent can be applied either before or after your cleaning to treat and prevent sensitivity

Professional Tooth Whitening: Chair-side or Take-Home

Whitening with a dental professional is always more effective than home treatments due to the concentration and type of peroxide used. Chair-side and take-home options are available 

Individualized Home Care Instruction

Home care instruction involves both clients and caregivers alike, to improve plaque removal at home.  Suggested products included with visit or made available for less than retail

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